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Transformations Are For Everybody

This article describes my weight loss journey for the past six months and how I went from being obese to overweight and then to normal weight. Posted 12/14/2017

From Landscaper to Wellness Coach and Why

This article describes why I run a landscape company and became a wellness coach. Posted 11/19/2017

What Is Nutritional Cleansing and How Can It Benefit You

Nutritional cleansing is for anyone that would like to live a healthy and happy life. Weather you are a fitness guru, construction worker, executive in an office or even a housewife. Described in this article are the benefits of nutritional cleaning and how it can help. Posted 11/12/2017




I Was Once Obese and Didn’t Know What To Do About It

30 Percent of the world is now obese or overweight with US leading the way. Do you have a weight problem? Posted 10/25/2017